[Introduction to special food recipes] Introduction to special food recipes

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In the past, I will share with you the knowledge of introduction to special food recipes, and I will also explain the introduction composition of special food recipes. Question, don't forget to pay attention to this site, start now! The table of contents of this article: 1. What are the food recipes of Shaanxi’s special delicacies? 2. What are the specialties in your hometown? How to make them? 3. What are the special delicacies in your hometown? How to make snacks 6. How to make Hebei characteristic snacks What are the characteristic delicacies of Shaanxi? Roujiamo is one of the traditional characteristic snacks introduced in Shaanxi Province. As early as 2016, it was also selected as the fifth batch of intangible cultural heritage list in Shaanxi Province. The so-called Roujiamo, in theory, is meat sandwiched in the bun, which is a delicacy made by combining two ingredients, cured meat and Baijimo. 2. Ingredients for Dongfu appetizers: 4 quail preserved eggs (two whole pieces), 5 grams of cherry tomatoes (two whole pieces), 50 grams of pickled snail vegetables, 25 grams each of hob cucumber cubes, and water stone cauliflower (market Available), 30 grams of fried peanuts. 3. Hello, Shaanxi’s characteristic delicacies mainly include the following: Mutton Paomo is to Shaanxi just like giant pandas are to Sichuan. charm. What gourmet specialties do you have in your hometown? How do you make them? 1. My hometown is in Zunyi, Guizhou. There are many gourmet specialties. Let’s talk about bacon first. Bacon is one of the favorite delicacies of northerners. The recipe of Guizhou bacon , Not only the color is good-looking, but also the taste is very fragrant, because the raw material of smoked bacon is special, it is smoked by a kind of branch and leaf called cypress. 2. In fact, I feel that my hometown also has a lot of delicacies, such as fried potatoes, rice tofu, braised pig's feet, silk dolls and so on. The delicacies of my hometown include chicken stewed with mushrooms and pork stewed with vermicelli, which are delicious. There are many delicacies in my hometown, such as Wanli Xiangxiang Roast Chicken and Sesame Tang Sutang. 3. Xi’an Roujiamo Roujiamo is one of the characteristic delicacies of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. It was selected into the Shaanxi Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2016. The meat stuffing is soft and glutinous but not greasy, the mouth is salty and fragrant, and the juice is fragrant. The bun is crispy and tender, and the lips and teeth are fragrant. 4. Frozen pears are cool and sweet, which is one of the unique delicacies in my hometown. Pears are crisp and sweet, especially delicious. However, when pears are frozen for trading, their appearance and taste change significantly. The original crunchy and sweet taste will become soft and sweet, and it tastes unique. 5. My hometown is Jingzhou, where the scenery is beautiful and the food is also very famous. Here are some specialties of my hometown to entertain relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. Let me share with you. Many stars came to Jingzhou just after the first Chu Culture Festival in April and September. Let's take a look at the beauty. 6. Lamb skewers Lamb skewers are one of the most representative barbecues in my hometown. Its production method is very simple, you only need to cut the mutton into small pieces, string them on bamboo sticks, sprinkle with seasonings, and then put them on the charcoal fire to cook. The characteristics of mutton skewers are fragrant, tender, fresh, and the taste is very rare. It is one of the indispensable delicacies in my hometown. What is the special food of your hometown? 1. The special food of my hometown is spicy soup. Hu spicy soup is a rare breakfast in the north. It often appears at street breakfast stalls. It is characterized by strong pepper flavor, salty, fragrant and spicy, and it tastes better when paired with fried dough sticks and oil cakes. Now, it has developed into one of the snacks that everyone in Henan happily likes and knows. 2. Jingcai lean meat porridge is also a delicious delicacy. The lean meat in the porridge is full of chewiness, and the Jingcai is smooth and tender. It is really delicious in the world when paired with hot porridge. 3. The sour, fragrant and delicious sauerkraut is the most characteristic delicacy in my hometown. Sauerkraut is a delicacy pickled with Chinese cabbage, which is sour, fragrant, delicious and nutritious. This kind of food is also one of the specialties of my hometown. 4. Frozen pears are cool and sweet, which is one of the unique delicacies in my hometown. Pears are crisp and sweet, especially delicious. …However, when a pear is frozen for trading, its appearance and taste change very, very drastically. ...The original crunchy and sweet taste will become soft and sweet, and it tastes unique. 5. Second, the sweet and delicate Nanguo pear is also a very characteristic delicacy in my hometown. Different varieties of pears have different tastes, among which the Nanguo pears produced in our hometown have a very high taste. The taste of Nanguo pear is very delicate, the taste is clear and luscious, and it tastes very delicious. Sichuan characteristic snack method 1. Sichuan snack method gram, 1 gram of baking powder, 1 gram of salt, and 100 grams of warm water. Material 2: pea starch 50g, water 400ML+700ML. 2. Shredded Chicken Cold Noodles is a traditional snack in Sichuan. The main ingredients are udon noodles, chicken drumsticks, and cucumbers. 3. Mapo tofu: Mapo tofu is one of the famous traditional dishes in Sichuan Province. It has the characteristics of hemp, spicy, hot, fragrant, crisp, tender, fresh and alive. A characteristic Sichuan cuisine that is well-known at home and abroad. 4. Sichuan Hot and Sour Rice Noodles - It is made by hand with sweet potatoes, peas and other ingredients, and after cooking, add various pea tips, mustard shreds, soybeans and other ingredients. The taste is very hot and sour. 5. Sichuan specialty snacks--300 grams of mapo tofu, soybean tender tofu, 100 grams each of yellow beef, vegetable oil, and garlic sprouts, 15 grams each of chili noodles and pepper noodles, 20 grams each of bean drum, soy sauce, and wet starch, 10 grams of refined salt, Fresh soup 20O grams. Production method: Cut the tofu into small cubes of 1 cm square, blanch it in a pot of warm water, take it out and drain. How to make all kinds of special snacks Baked ice noodles and baked cold noodles, the central characteristic snacks in the Northeast area. There are three types: charcoal grilling, teppanyaki grilling and deep-frying. Nowadays, teppanyaki and deep-frying are mainly popular. Put the salad oil in the clean pot, and when it is 50% hot, put the Lantern Festival into the oil pot and fry until the outside is golden and the inside is cooked through, then it is ready to serve. Such as dumplings, noodles, ramen, pancakes, glutinous rice balls, etc. in the north; siu mai, spring rolls, zongzi, yuanxiao, fried dough sticks, etc. in the north. In addition, according to their products and customs, many local snacks have evolved with sticky core characteristics. Such as: Beijing's Jiaohuan, Honey Twist, Pea Yellow, Aiwowo, Stir-Fried Liver and Burst Belly. Four best-selling street food recipes [Shanghai style curry spring rolls] Filling production: put salad oil in the pot, add a lot of butter to heat, put 100 grams of finished curry sauce, stir-fry fragrant, add 500 grams of minced pork belly Stir well together, season with seasoning, add 250 grams of minced chives at the end, stir until evenly, then take out of the pan, and put it in a pot for later use. Production process: Adjusted curry filling. The practice of all kinds of snacks: purple sweet potato sesame cake ingredients: 300 grams of purple sweet potato, 50 grams of glutinous rice flour, 30 grams of milk, white sesame, 30 grams of white sugar Method: wash the purple sweet potato, peel it, steam it, and press it into a puree , put sugar, add glutinous rice flour, then pour milk, knead well. Hebei characteristic snack recipes 1. 7 ways to make Hebei biscuits. The recipe of Anguo horseshoe biscuits is introduced. Anguo Horseshoe Biscuit has a long history. It is said that it was created by a foreign chef who specialized in "medicinal cuisine" in the early Qing Dynasty. 2. Handan Pulling Noodles Pulling noodles is a home-cooked pasta meal with a unique core flavor in Wu'an, Handan City, Hebei Province. Legend has it that it was introduced from Wu'an, and it is more popular in the west of Handan County. It is made of fine wheat flour. Moderate taste, it is one of the delicacies suitable for all ages. 3. NO.9: Nansha Cake Nansha Cake, also known as Bagou Sugar Cake, is a delicious and delicious Han nationality snack, belonging to Hebei snacks. It is stuffed with white sugar, green and red shreds, melon seeds, walnut kernels and seasonings, flour, buckwheat flour and noodles, stuffed and baked. Crisp, sweet and refreshing, Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty went to Hiraizumi to hunt, eat and praise it, so it was a tribute. 4. In Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, this egg-filled biscuit is a very rare snack, which is a very characteristic snack in other places. This is the end of the introduction to the introduction of special food recipes and the introduction composition of special food recipes. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more information about this, remember to bookmark and pay attention to this site.

[Introduction to special food recipes] Introduction to special food recipes


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