【How to play mahjong chess】The playing method and rules of mahjong chess

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This article tells everyone about the playing method of mahjong chess, and the corresponding common sense points about the playing method and rules of mahjong chess , I hope it will be helpful to everyone, don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents of this article: 1. What are the mahjong playing methods? 2. Shanghai mahjong playing methods. 3. How many kinds of mahjong playing methods are there? It is composed of all straights plus a pair. Pengpenghu: Mahjong playing method, your winning cards are composed of pungs and a pair of wills. All-in-one: The winning card is a card type composed of one of the three coloratura cards. Mixed color: When winning a card, it is a card type composed of one of the three coloratura cards plus a face card. 2. Hu Fafen (from small to large): chicken Hu, variegated, all-colored, young, thirteen. At the beginning of the game, players will explain how to play big and small mahjong chess, common ones are 1 2 3 , three 10 20 30 and so on. 3. Big Four Happiness: After playing the cards, the player has four of the same cards in his hand, and he can win the cards. (Sixi points equal to Xiaohu ***) 2. Banbanhu: After the cards are played, if the player does not have a 2, 5, 8 (trump card) in his hand, he can win the card. 4. Chicken Hu: You can only buy one, twice per person. Hufa: There are pungs (three of the same) and straights (three continuations) in the cards to add eyes, or use words or wind positions that can increase the number of eyes as eyes. Pinghu: Three shots per person, two shots. Shanghai mahjong playing method base: In Shanghai mahjong, the base = the number of flowers + the number of limelight + the number of bars. However, suppose you have no flowers and you have 10 flowers. Touch the cards, there is a pair in the hand, any player on the table can play the cards, you can touch the cards to become three cards, and then play an unnecessary card in the hand. For the kong card, there is a hidden mark in the hand, and the first kong is a concealed kong at this time; if there is no kong, other players play a kong, and the kong can still be played, and it is an exposed kong at this time. Compilation of Shanghai mahjong Hu tiles: 1. All in one color. It means a color without wind, such as: everything is ten thousand, everything is tube. The odds are the highest a 2. mixed colors. That is, choose a coloratura in the Wan, Tong, and strips, and it can be windy, and the difference between it and the same color is that one is windy and the other is not. Shanghai mahjong must be at least from the pattern of Pengpenghu and above to allow winning cards. The pattern is simple and easy to understand, the rhythm is slower, and the skill is relatively high. : At the beginning of the game, only the dealer can get 14 cards, and the others 13 cards. What are the rules of Shanghai Mahjong Hu Pai? The editor has brought a taste analysis, let's take a look now! Hu card rules: There are four types of Hu cards: ***: When the cards you touch form a Hu card shape, this type of Hu card is called ***. There are several ways to play Mahjong 1. What is the most popular way to play Mahjong? 2 How many ways to play Mahjong? Special way of playing: a way of playing casual mahjong. Refers to other playing methods other than the customary ones. For example, Flip Hunzi, Flip Treasure Cards, Twist Caier, Bright Happiness, Buckle Zhang, etc. Agreed style of play: a way of playing casual mahjong. 2. Mahjong is a puzzle game created by the Han nationality. It is a mahjong-like entertainment appliance. It is a small long square made of bamboo, bone or plastic, with patterns or words engraved on it, 144 pieces per pair. There are a total of 136 pieces of mahjong in the north, 36 notes, 36 bobbins, and 36 ten thousand pieces. There are four pieces from 1 to 9 respectively, totaling 108 pieces, and four pieces each in the southeast, southeast, middle and white, totaling 28 pieces. 3. You can touch cards, kong cards. When someone else plays a card and you have two of the same cards in your hand, you can touch them. When you have the same card, you can kong. After the kong, you have to draw a card and then play another card. This is the end of the introduction of how to play mahjong and the rules and rules of mahjong. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more information about this, remember to bookmark and pay attention to this site.

【How to play mahjong chess】The playing method and rules of mahjong chess


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