【Shanghai Fighting the Landlords Playing Chess and Playing Big Cards Video】Shanghai Playing Chess and Playing Big Cards Videos

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This article tells everyone about the video of Shanghai Fighting the Landlords playing chess and playing big cards, and Shanghai Yiqi The knowledge points corresponding to the rules of victory and defeat in chess playing big cards, I hope it will be helpful to you, don't forget to bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. Shanghai three-on-one rule 2. How to participate in the live broadcast of Chongqing TV Landlords Competition 3. Apple computer pc download chess and play big cards, how can it fail? It is: the landlord wins a card and gets 4 times the minimum points, and the landlord loses a card and deducts 3 times the minimum points). Spreading: In the case of "head down", the landlord can choose whether to "spread" after taking the final card. Assuming that "Showdown" is selected, the other three players can see the landlord's hand (Showdown scoring rule: the score of the game's victory or defeat × 2). Shanghai's three-on-one rule: 1. If the dealer bids for 60, 65, 70, 75, and 80 points, the winning and losing points will be calculated at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 points, respectively. Playing cards, the way of playing cards: only single cards can be played, no pairs or consecutive cards can be played. Players must play the first card of the same suit in each round. Assuming there is no card of the suit, they can play cards of other suits. How to participate in the Chongqing TV Live Fighting the Landlords Competition 1. Open the JJ Fighting the Landlords game, click the TV station area, find the TV station with the big-name video of Shanghai Fighting the Landlords to sign up, complete the information, and wait for the customer service to contact you. JJ Fighting the Landlord is a group chess and card game launched by JJ World (Beijing) Group Technology Co., Ltd. in a competitive system. 2. Participation system: A. Go ashore and click the game icon in the winger game lobby. The game icon is shown in Figure 1: B. After clicking to enter, select the game details of Happy Invincible PK Four Players Fighting the Landlords Arena, and click "Shanghai I want to sign up for the video of Doudizhu playing chess and playing big cards". Figure 2 C. Fill in the personal information in the registration form. 3. The jj Doudizhu live broadcast method is: after logging in to the live broadcast friend software, click the game selection button, The game selection box will pop up, and the live broadcast friends will automatically identify the games you have installed and opened in the Shanghai Doudizhu Yiqi and Dapai video. 4. Immediate success Doudizhu participation method: download and install the JJ game mobile client, log in and select the TV station area Tianjin TV Station in Tianjin TV Station. Choose Tianjin TV Station Ma Dao Chenggong audition, click to sign up and fill in the real personal information to participate. 5. After we enter the TV audition interface, find the [Wing Feng New Four People Fighting the Landlord] item in the right menu bar Play the game, and click the corresponding button. At this time, the right border will become the registration interface of the four-player Doudizhu game. 6. The Doudizhu Golden League has been receiving enthusiastic participation and support from users across the country since the start of the game. Encouragement, especially in the Tianjin competition area, a lot of excellent players have appeared in the video of Shanghai Doudizhu playing chess and playing big cards. Why can’t Apple computer PC download Yiqi and playing big cards? The operating program type of the video is an executive file of the Windows system, which cannot run on the Mac OS operating system of the Apple computer. Program preview Shanghai Fighting the Landlord Playing Chess and Playing Big Cards Video: The previous "Yi Chess and Playing Big Cards" program has been suspended Broadcast, please know. The mac flash plug-in cannot be disassembled. What happened? This problem. Refer to the following: Enter the adobe flashplayer official website, and click the correct download and disassembly program. Click the "Download Now" button. Prompt to save the file. You must first fill in Information is required to play "Shanghai Fighting Landlords Playing Chess Zone", after filling out the details, you will be given 10,000 points, and then you can play, if the score is high, you may be allowed to play chess as a guest Big brand, and note that you must re-register when the points are less than 5000 (unless you still have the opportunity to "resurrect from the ashes"). Download the office for mac version software 2 at the exclusive store or software download station, uninstall the software 3, and that's it I have mastered 4 Note that you must download the mac version, the win version cannot be used. This is the introduction of the Shanghai Fighting the Landlord Yiqi and Big Card video. Thank you for taking the time to watch Watch and browse the content of this site, and don’t forget to search for more information about the rules of victory and defeat of Shanghai Yiqi playing big cards and the video of Shanghai Fighting the Landlord playing big cards.

【Shanghai Fighting the Landlords Playing Chess and Playing Big Cards Video】Shanghai Playing Chess and Playing Big Cards Videos


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